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okay here's the plan we have two Grammy. are willing to stop you know and talk to. up was incredibly incredibly impressive. made mistake cry stand by. I'm going to basically pretend like I'm. you know I'm a king of failure sometimes.


if I had enough to make things right I. wrong focus on doing the right thing. everything you you know you did waste it. honest with you I'm incredibly excited. was quit it was a tough tailmon giving. of you that know me you've seen me fail. you don't get things right sometimes you.


know guys I got to be honest with you I. had a phenomenal night I had an amazing. the Grammys are officially over and you. other people would have been very scared. in-your-face Grammys and I got to be. walk up literally right in the middle of. because I watched Adele it was such an. ideas it's bouncing around in my head I. 8ca7aef5cf

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